Irish Gathering 2013

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“Enda Kenny not a Penny, Government not a Cent”


“Enda Kenny not a penny, Government not a cent”, these were the cries of over ten thousand protesters who marched down Dublin’s O’Connell Street to the doors of the Fine Gael ArdFheis on the 31st of March. Christine and Sabrina Joyce were there talking to people and taking pictures. The feeling amongst the protestors was one of frustration and defiance. Many were in negative equity and a large amount of people we spoke to were retired and had lost their whole pensions due to the reckless investments of the Irish banks. These people simply cannot afford the ambiguously named “household tax” and fear the increase of between 1000 to 2000 euro per year, when the tax evolves into a property tax next year. Protesters told us about the tens of thousands euro they had already paid in Stamp Duty (a form of property tax) to the Irish government and how they were still paying interest on the amount they had to borrow in order to purchase their home. Many already in negative equity mortgages just feel it is a double tax and they can’t and therefore won’t pay. Over 50% of the country feel the same and have not registered or paid the charge by the deadline of the 31st of March, which means half of us, are now lawbreakers.

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