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Bloomsday in Dublin

Bloomsday 2012: A Worldwide Affair


Bloomsday in Dublin

Bloomsday in Dublin

At one minute past midnight on the 1st of January 2012 the copyright on Joyce’s great work Ulysses ceased. This marks a very special year for Bloomsday celebrations as James Joyce’s’ masterpiece can be liberated and free to be read aloud in public all over the world. Previously only The James Joyce Cultural Centre in Ireland had permissions to do readings in the public domain. Hopefully this will influence a new wave of artists re-interpreting the work via, theatre, film and art. It’s a very special year for us Joyces’ particularly as in the past Ulysses was considered a “dirty book” and our relatives were made to feel ashamed being related to Joyce and his masterpiece. After trojan work by many a Joycean scholar, public opinion shifted right around and Ulysses was voted no 1 English novel of the millennium. But still we could not shout it from the rooftops only a small roar on Blooms day. This year the James Joyce Cultural centre hopes to unite the world in reading Ulysses, but we can say no more until the program is announced very soon! In 2012 a number of events happen in Dublin and Nationwide in Ireland, including Bloomsday breakfast, Musical theatre, Bloomsday bicycle race, readings and re-enactments on every street in Dublin, we will list the events on our site when they announced but in the meantime you can go to James Joyce Cultural for more information.

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