Irish Gathering 2013

Ancestry Research, Stories from the Irish and The 2013 Festivities of the Gathering in Ireland!

Children on stilts at festival in Eastwall, Dublin

Gathering of the Tribes


The Gathering of the Tribes is the biggest homecoming event ever to take place and will happen all over the Emerald Isle in 2013. Get the low down here!

We’ll provide you with all the news and updates you’ll need, whether you’re here, joining the fun, or watching it from abroad. Big events, small gatherings, underground gigs – we are passionate about everything irish and will make sure you won’t miss a thing…

Children on stilts at festival in Eastwall, Dublin

Children on stilts at festival in Eastwall, Dublin


  1. I would love to attend!!! I gotta save the funds and get there! When are the dates?

    • Hi Caitlin,
      the events are taking place throughout 2013. so whenever you arrive there will be something going on.
      As these events are announced in the coming 6 months we will be updating our site with the national and local activities. We would love to see you here!
      Sabrina Joyce

  2. How do I get the news of the events for 2013
    Will be in Cork City in August 2013

  3. I’m in Kerry from March 12th-March 20th 2013.
    What’s going on in Tralee and Killarney during this time?
    I’m from the Healy clan and can’t wait to be back in my homeland again.

  4. I have Joyce ancestry and I’m coming to Ireland this Saturday!
    My family roots stem from Shannakeela (Moyrus parish, Illion, Galway)
    I am planning on stopping in Shannakeela if I can find it, and attempting to find the ruins of their homes – or at least to walk on the land my Great Grandparents walked on. They are Martin and Mary Joyce (O’Malley) I know in the 1906 census they lived in house #5.

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