Irish Gathering 2013

Ancestry Research, Stories from the Irish and The 2013 Festivities of the Gathering in Ireland!

Royal Family Search


Electoral Registers can be a great way to confirm your relative’s whereabouts at specific times. Local city councils hold the more modern records and Local Libraries can hold historical records. Only those over 21 were able to vote for many years so bear this in mind when searching. Also in the 1800’s only those who had freehold land had a right to vote. For the years 1832-1838 you can use the pay service at However have a searchable database free of charge for the Dublin region 1939-1940.

With the Jubilee celebrations still taking place all over the United Kingdom, it is now possible to get information on any of your ancestors who may have worked for the Royal family as indeed many Irish young women and men did. It’s a subscription service as part of but you can get the year they worked and the source in the records books where the entry is held for free.

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